Created in 2019 by a female African entrepreneur, EZ PARK is a start-up that designs turnkey solutions for better mobility in African cities. Specialized in smart parking, road toll solutions, infringements of the highway code, these solutions are adapted to public and private parking authorities and managers.

The smart parking expert in Africa

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, which includes geolocation and automatic recognition of license plates, the driver can park with ease and the datas collected allow managers to better manage their parking spaces. Through web tools, help center support available on site and our audit agents, users can be guided to available places.


Facilitate the city

Better management of roads in terms of parking Increase in the turnover rate of parked vehicles

Improved revenues

Significant improvement in the revenue of the local authority Net profit contribution to local authority accounts

Building tomorrow's parking

Permanent access to multiple measurement and analysis indicators to better understand the parking supply. Secure and redundant platform

Optimize parking management

Simplified and optimized management of the municipal road service and modernization of the image of municipalities and municipalities