EZ PARK is the solution for your parking
Its simplicity of use is the key to its success with the general public.
Pay with your phone and receive your parking ticket by e-mail.


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  • 1- Download the EZ PARK application from for an Iphone smartphone or for an Android smartphone. It's free!
  • 2- Register by indicating your name, email address, license plate number(s) and password
  • 3- Top-up your EZ Park account via Mobile Money operator
  • You're done !


  • Park your car.
  • Choose the duration of your parking.
  • Your EZ PARK account will be debited from the parking duration that you chose.
  • A virtual parking ticket will immediately be sent to your e-mail address.
  • 10 minutes before the end of your parking, you will receive an alert telling you that your parking duration is coming to an end.

    The call center

    The call center is a platform dedicated to the customer relationship management. It can remotely assist the parking of the EZ PARK user


    Help-centers and controllers are available on the parking areas to assist the motorist in all his needs related to the use of EZ Park



    find here our Frequently Asked Questions

    To have the application "EZ PARK is very simple :

    1. Have a Smartphone with an internet connection
    2. Download EZ PARK on google playstore or appstore Click Here to download
    3. After installation, create your account from your phone number or email address
    4. Add your vehicle's license plate to your account, and you're ready

    You can reset your password at any time using your mobile number or the email provided when registering by clicking on the link "Forgotten password" on the connection interface, but also by going directly to the sub-account menu of the application.

    Several options are available to you:

    1. You can ask a third party to do this parking for you. You will then need to give him your license plate for him to do so. In this case, it is this third party who will pay for this parking on your behalf.
    2. You can anticipate your parking by prepaying it before you travel. However, this poses uncertainty as to the availability of parking space.

    By clicking on the small sign "+" which is at the top right next to your account balance, I enter the amount I want to top up and my number phone number then I validate by pressing the "Reload" button.

    Please wait 1 hour and if within an hour your balance is still not credited, please call our call center to take this claim into account.

    As soon as you have chosen a zone, the hourly cost is displayed on the application before validating your parking.

    The parking card displayed on the application shows you the position of your vehicle and therefore the name of the zone is displayed. However, the application allows you to choose the "other" option from the list of proposed zones if you are in doubt.

    Once parking has been confirmed, it is no longer possible to cancel it.

    You can view the details of your transactions by going to the parking history and it is possible to print your payment receipts online from a computer. These payment receipts are the equivalent of an invoice.

    1. Take a screenshot of your receipt.
    2. Send this screenshot to your email address
    3. From a computer, print this ticket
    4. IMPORTANT: You can obtain a summary of your transactions (over the last 30 days) by contacting the call center or directly from the website. In this case, you will receive this summary within 72 hours after payment for this service by email.

    No absolutely not. On the other hand, our checking agents who are present in the field will provide you with this information on request.

    A sign or, failing that, the signage on the ground marked "PAYANT" allows you to know which street is paying.

    As long as your parking is in progress, you can move and park wherever the hourly cost of parking is the same. However, as soon as the hourly cost in an area is different from the hourly cost set for your previous parking, you are required to make a new parking.

    Agents are on the ground and have a device that allows by flashing the license plate, to know if the plate is in order, ie if the parking has been paid.

    If you park without paying for your parking via the EZ PARK app, our agents will flash your license plate and you will be fined 5000 FCFA . So you will have to pay this fine via your EZ PARK account which will be debtor of 5000 FCFA.
    If after 24 hours your vehicle is still parked in the same parking space with an unpaid fine, then you will receive a new fine of 30,000 FCFA and your vehicle will be transported to the municipal pound. < / strong>

    The EZ PARK app sends you a notification 10 minutes before the end of your parking time, so no oversights are possible! But if despite this you spend your time without renewing the parking lot, you will receive a fine of 5000 FCFA . So you will have to pay this fine via your EZ PARK account which will be debtor of 5000 FCFA.
    If after 24 hours your vehicle is still parked in the same parking space with this unpaid fine, then you will receive a new fine of 30,000 FCFA and your vehicle will be transported to the municipal pound. < / strong>

    When you pay for parking for a third party you are fully responsible for the resulting fines, i.e. in the event of a fine it is you who will have to pay this fine so your EZ PARK account will be liable for the amount of the fine.

    These are services intended for businesses only. This means that to benefit from these services, you must complete an information slip that will take into account the taxpayer's card and the location map. In addition, a minimum of 4 license plates must be registered in the BUSINESS account .
    These accounts allow companies to park in the city of Douala on an unlimited basis. In return, companies commit to a minimum period of 6 months maximum, and 12 months for a minimum of 4 vehicles. Paid parking is 100 FCFA per hour for 10 hours per day .
    We have 1000 FCFA per day for an average of 22 days over a month or 22,000 F per month and per vehicle . A 15% reduction per vehicle, i.e. a little more than 3 days free on parking costs.
    The advantage for businesses:

    1. No need for company drivers to have EZ PARK accounts, a smartphone or internet.
    2. Freedom to park throughout the city.
    3. No need for bosses to pull out their phones.

    Yes. This must be paid for in advance for a minimum of 6 months . Please contact customer service for this offer and all related information.

    About us

    Created in 2019 by a female African entrepreneur, EZ PARK is a start-up that designs turnkey solutions for better mobility in African cities. Specialized in smart parking, road toll solutions, infringements of the highway code, these solutions are adapted to public and private parking authorities and managers.

    Our Contacts
    EZ PARK S.A.
    Avenue de l'ind├ępendance. 1st Floor, Building Coll├Ęge des Nations
    Po.Box 4091 Douala Cameroon
    Phone: + 237 656 793 838 / 653 170 000